If you’re an indie writer like me, you’re probably looking for some ways to get the best “bang for your buck” in professional services. Here I will list the services and professionals that I have personally used during my indie writing journey.

Writer’s Block Help:

Find free and copyright free story starters to boost your imagination at my site, Pen Help.

Graphic Design Program: GIMP 2

This program helps me design my covers and any other type of logos or artwork that I need for my works. You can download the free program at

Structural Editing: Alex McGilvery at Celtic Frog Editing

Contact Alex to have him edit your first three chapters for free! If you like what he’s done (and you will), then hire him (at a very low and reasonable fee) to edit the rest of your work. Check out his website at:

Proofreading: Faith Blum

For an insanely low price, check out indie author Faith Blum’s proofreading service. She will catch those pesky typos, those misused words, and even extra spaces and commas! (And if you need a beta reader, she offers that service for absolutely free.)

Cover Design: Perry Elisabeth Design

If you need a paperback or Kindle cover without spending hundreds of dollars, I highly recommend Perry Elisabeth Design. Perry is absolutely perfect to work with, and she can do magic with her graphic design skills. She designed my full covers for Carry Me Home and Avalon, so check them out, and give her a shout!

Photography: Pixabay

Pixabay has public domain photos. That means they are FREE to download and FREE to use on anything. They have a large selection, so you’re bound to find something that works for a cover photo, and you’re sure that the photos have permission to be on your cover.

Indie Publishing: Create Space

I use Amazon’s Create Space to publish all of my books. It’s completely free if you know how to do a few quick computer-ish things like upload a .doc file. You can even use their cover images and design a paperback and eBook cover for zero dollars. Can’t beat that!


Check out Franky Brown’s blog to learn more about writing, find author interviews, and read book reviews. If you’ve written a book you’d like reviewed, please contact her today!

K. M. Wieland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Authors, has a vast amount of information for aspiring and established authors. Check it out, and learn something new right now!

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