Re-Release of Deep Blue Sea

I wrote and published my first story five or six years ago.

I had no idea what I was doing.

And since I’ve learned a lot since, I figured it was about time to revisit the book that started it all and give it a makeover inside and out.

It is scheduled to be re-released here on  July 7, 2016.

Here’s the new cover:


And here’s an excerpt from chapter one:


Sunday, March 30

JAMIE WALKER opened one eye and looked around her bedroom. For a single moment, she delighted in the embrace of the sunshine as it stretched its golden fingers through the window. Silky sheets and fuzzy pillows hugged her body. Sleep lingered in her mind as she yawned. For one fleeting second, everything was all right.

Then she remembered.

Groaning, she glanced at the clock and rolled her eyes with disgust.

11:26. Great, now the whole day is shot.

She ignored the clock and stared for a long time at her navy blue carpet. It reminded her of something. Something she didn’t want to remember.

She shook the thoughts from her memory as she closed her eyes and tried to recall what day it was.


Jamie cringed and clenched her teeth. Her eyes squeezed closed as a cramp seized her insides.

No more midnight ice cream binges.

She pushed her face deep into her pillow and wished for better days ahead. But it would never happen. Never in a million years.

And she knew why.

After convincing herself to get out of bed, Jamie found a pair of dirty sweatpants and a ripped sweatshirt amidst the clothes on the floor and pulled them on over her nightgown. She stepped into her slippers and headed down the stairs of her empty house.

Jamie opened the cabinet above the kitchen sink and fumbled for the aspirin bottle with one hand while closing the blinds against the sun with the other. Once she had the bottle in her grip, she pried off the cap and dumped out the last five pills. Sitting on the bar stool, she popped each one into her mouth and cradled her head with her fingers.

Deciding to skip breakfast, she padded into the living room and issued a search and rescue mission for the remote. As she scrutinized the mess, a twinge of guilt resonated in the center of her stomach. Dan would be home in three days, and he wouldn’t like coming back to a filthy house. He would know something was wrong. And Jamie couldn’t tell him what it was.

She found the remote under a mound of used tissues and granola bar wrappers. Maybe watching TV would edge away the panic threatening to rise. She found the M&Ms from Monday stuck to the bottom of a glass bowl. She ate them while settling in to watch QVC and Lifetime. Maybe later she’d find the momentum to get something accomplished.

Instead of reviving her, the soft sofa and low drone of the television coaxed her into catching up on the sleep that had escaped her last night.


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