New and FREE Short Story!

My newest release is FREE today (and tomorrow)!

Grab it here.

In order to celebrate my 21st published title, here are some fun facts about “Think”. (You might want to read them AFTER you read the short story if you don’t like minor spoilers.)

1. Originally, the catalyst that was going to make Nicole speak her thoughts was going to be a blue anti-stress pill that she got as a free sample at a pharmacy, but I thought it seemed a bit of a stretch that someone would actually swallow a pill that a stranger handed them. (At least, I would never do it.) So I switched it to a bubble bath instead.

2. Both Nicole and I aren’t “food people.” I don’t really like eating real food that doesn’t contain chocolate or sugar. And you’d be hard pressed to ever find me in a 5 star restaurant.

3. Mr. Baldwin shares his name with my hometown of Baldwin, Maine. And it was my husband’s idea to name him that so Nicole could insult him with “Bald Man.”

4. I, like Nicole, prefer to use my full first name. I’ve never told anyone but my husband that, but that’s where Nicole gets her aversion to all her nicknames. It irks me when I introduce myself as “Valerie”, and someone I just met automatically shortens my name to “Val.”

5. I never specifically say what city or state the story takes place in, and I did it that way on purpose. I patterned it after NYC, which I’ve only visited once. And that was enough.

6. I also never specifically mention how old Nicole is, but in my mind, she’s in her mid-twenties.

7. My inspiration for this story was my own struggles with telling people how I really feel instead of just acting like a people pleaser. I’m personally trying to improve in this area.

8. Most of the food mentions in the book came from my limited food knowledge attained almost exclusively from watching Food Network shows like “Chopped,” “Food Network Star,” and “Restaurant Impossible.”

9. Just in case you were wondering, my mother is nothing like Nicole’s mother, and I don’t have any friends like Elizabeth. And I picked out my own wedding dress (It was actually the first and only dress I tried on).

10. Elizabeth Bloomsbury was actually a character I named with a contest. Faith Blum (also an author, check out her books here) won the contest and named the character “Elizabeth.” I chose “Bloomsbury” to be sort of a ritzy, snobbier sounding last name than “Blum” (which sounds very practical and down to Earth to me, so it didn’t fit Elizabeth’s personality at all).


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